We’re all still alive, yay

Earlier today (over in Europe) the end of the world as we know it didn’t take place.  The first successful tests at CERN sent a few beams of protons through the 17-mile long atom smasher.  No atoms were harmed today, which is I assume, why we’re still alive.  The point I guess is to test theory about the big bang, and how it all came about, hoping to not cause a big bang and have it all go back to where it came from.  It hardly made big news, everyone seemed to be far more concerned about pigs wearing lipstick.

Speaking of pitbulls, guess what?  A research security group at the University of California put out a video showing how easy it is to change lots of votes on electronic voting machines (good thing my last votes were on one of those pull the handle type punch cards).  The Sequoia Voting System is apparently easily ‘hacked,’ proving a point within the conspiracy theories surrounding the last few elections.  Wasn’t there a movie about that very thing?  So, what do you need to bypass the system and change votes?  You just need a usb key and a computer, with a little bit of knowledge of how the voting system works.  Each voting computer is apparently initialized via a card that gets plugged in to a slot on the voting machine.  That little handy usb key just needs to put the right information on that card so that it essentially infects every initialized computer, creating a voting system that works however the malicious person wants, and we all know how easy it is to find those who would cheat to win.  Security measures on the computers are also shown to be completely useless.  So, nifty.  Sounds like it’s time for those of us with a conscience and some computer and technical skills to help the old folks who usually set these computers up.  At least then I’d know I did my part to keep my polling stations votes from counting correctly.

Now that I’ve done my civic duty, I need to read more about HTTPS cookie hijacking.