What a weekend

I don’t really remember much about the weekend being great, other than the fact that it wasn’t chock full of things that must be accomplished.  Yes, there were more than typical loads of laundry to do because of the transition from cool summer sheets to nice flannel ones, and yes, there are always errands and trips to the grocery store, but on the whole, there were no places we had to be at any time over the weekend.  Now I know this will be a thing of rarity coming up soon with the holidays, but for this weekend, I was free and clear.  So in this time, I found some much-needed long-sleeved t-shirts, helped hang some artwork, got finishing touches ready for the costume of all costumes and spent some time in front of the new digital TV box watching some exciting Philadelphia sporting events.

So then this leads into having a relatively well-rested Monday back to work, the rest being much needed because there will be stress and strain on my brain to get the programming and database work done on the current custom website we’re working on.  I’m expecting this week to have a bit more work and a little less everything else that my job entails so that I can make some real progress, especially with such short timelines.  So to continue on with the theme of that sentence, there is much to be done, and very little time to write about it … after all, a good blog never takes just 15 minutes, and it is almost 9 already….