What scares me

As a general Internet junkie, and one who relies on the Internet for a job, I read a lot about the world wide web and its Internets. Much like that of the studying doctors who find they have all sorts of diseases after reading about them in preparation for their jobs, I sometimes feel the same way. I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading about the Black Hat conference news (remember wall of sheep?), which in my opinion, is never good, but always helpful to the IT community as a whole. So it makes me want to turn off the computer and go back to ‘the simple life’ (but would I ever really, heck no). But it reminded me of last summer, during a trip to Amish country, I realized that when all this stuff crashes around us (a la Terminator.Mad Max or WW3) these ‘simple folks’ are going to be the ones we’re all going to turn to when we don’t know how to do jack squat because we rely on so much stuff that we don’t produce to get through our day. But today, I’m hoping that I can rely on the mass of people out there to keep preventing bad things from happening, or at least getting it fixed in short time.

Yesterday Gmail crashed. Not only was this personally annoying because I couldn’t get my personal mail, but there were issues with our web mail for DDA as well, since we use the Gmail system. Now mail in general is a royal pain, so I’m not going to moan about it much, but it’s one of those things we rely on someone else for, and when it goes down, we can’t do much. There have been a few problems over the last week with email in this way – things don’t work quite right and there’s nothing we can do about it. Nothing like a techie feeling helpless, it’s so demoralizing. But since I care to have a life, and I have enough things to worry about, I can’t be the one worrying about all of the craziness out there (aka 1 million and one ways for you to get hacked).