What’s in a Brand?

Working in an advertising and marketing agency like DDA, it is not out of the ordinary to see a wide range of client-provided styleguides. Some businesses do not have these materials and are open to morphing their branding image and corporate identity over time and across media, while others define branding typologies down to the precise font used for a specific product in endorsement branding or the depth of field used in product standalone photos.

Currently, we are developing an interactive medical eLearning tool for a joint venture project with one of the biggest names in healthcare, lifestyle, and lighting technologies and the company’s branding is everything you’d expect it to be: clean, simple, bright, strong, and not contrived, but true to life and human. Our graphic design department is tasked with continuing work on design tests and the project is taking shape. Whether we, at DDA, are producing a new brand identity or internalizing an existing identity and translating it to a new project, our work is custom, innovative, and reflective of the business it represents.