When is a Virtual Medical Simulation NOT

If you search virtual medical simulation on Google today you’ll find that what returns are really not virtual simulations at all. Haptic, pressure sensitive computer based training, schematic based logistics oriented simulation, medical mannequin based live training sessions, web based LMS Learning Management Systems populate and dominate the first couple of pages of Google.

I know words like haptic and simulation and computer based training all sound cool and high tech, and they are oh so ten years ago. Unfortunately, what was leading edge and state-of-the-art and ten years ago is now in reality slow, disbursed and hard to manage, expensive and well, old school.

Today’s world is interactive, on demand, 24/7, cost effective, widely distributed, socially distributable and very cool. That perfectly describes DDA Medical’s Virtual Medical Simulations and Virtual Training Simulations. Mobility, immediately gratifiying and highly conducive to memory retention also describes VMS and VTS from DDA.

Consider the power and cost of computers and mobile computing devices based on today’s technology vs. the technology in use ten years ago. Consider the power and cost effectiveness of  mobile devices today vs. those of just five years ago. Truly, Virtual Medical Simulations and Virtual Training Simulations by DDA Medical and DDA are a revolutionary advancement in the art and science of training, learning and engaging clinicians and staff, employees and associates, students and trainees.