When Whirlwinds attack

Yesterday I was told that next weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  That was unexpected.  Not because I’m utterly clueless (I really am sometimes) but because I didn’t realize that it was a little early this year, and frankly I’m not ready.  Every year I have a little family gathering at my house on Memorial Day.  We gather the parental units together and try to keep it from spiralling into insanity while showing off the latest and greatest in the house and in our lives.  Usually the latest and greatest has a lot to do with having a newly refinished deck and general tidiness of the exterior.   Unfortunately this year it’s coupled with a partner who has a fractured rib, and is completely useless, so it’s all falling onto me… including finishing the painting of the living room and getting all of the neglected inside in order.  Where normally my stress comes from work, now I’m back at work to escape the stress!  How strange.

So this weekend was a whirlwind of activity: oil changes, painting, Star Trek, getting a new computer set up, installing new ceiling fans since one of them broke, cleaning up my grandmother’s house and going to a benefit for the Rainbow Room.  Luckily I have 3 days of a weekend to manage it all, along with the usual eating and having some time with the family.  This week’s work shouldn’t be much different.  There are always things to do.  I have a mail blast that needs to go out this morning from one of our membership websites, then I have to export a registration list for the same site.  After that I’ll be involved in meetings, one of which will involve the ever-interesting PowerPoint generator which is programmed to be an online version of a presentation builder, using existing slides (for now, but if I ever have more time to work on it, it can be vastly improved).  Then, if I’m lucky, I will have time to finish up a jQuery and ColdFusion programming project where we’re setting it up so that once a user enters either a zip code or city and state, it will pre-populate the sales rep and region within the application.  It’ll be really cool once it’s done, but there’ve been a few hitches along the way that haven’t panned out exactly as I’d like.  Once that’s done, I’m hoping to finish up a project that’s been backburnered for a long time.  If I’m lucky and focused ( which as we all know can’t happen in a work environment where you’re needed constantly ) I may actually have enough time to take off a day and get some of the homework stress off.  We’ll see how it goes.