(Good) Wining and (Bad) Dining

After the usual Friday errand-running and laundry-finishing, we headed out for dinner at the local Bennigan’s, due to an unused gift certificate.  Well, as it turns out, the certificate couldn’t be used anyway, due to the bankruptcy filing of the corporate offices.  The meal itself was also horrid, with something on my plate being completely rancid and turning us off to dinner entirely.  This wasn’t really a big deal, except that on Saturday, we’d put together a good bit of money to head to New York City for a Food Network-sponsored Grand Tasting, and didn’t want to spoil it over a bad dinner the night before.  In the end, it didn’t spoil things, and we had a great day of sampling some of the great restaurants in NYC as well as some fantastic wines.  Who knew I was such a fan of red wine.   Maybe it was just the fact that I was drinking it on a pier out of a big giant glass that was roped to my neck with a special little holder.  I don’t know, I just know that it was really fun.  During this trip I learned a few things, truffle anything is just plain foul (to my unrefined palate), absinthe is for suckers, Chartreuse tastes like green tea turpentine, and I’d much rather travel on foot up 10 streets than up 10 avenues.

So what does this have to do with programming?  Not a whole lot except that I’m rather tired today and I can’t be off my game with a huge project needing a lot of attention.  I will have to return from a fun weekend ‘away’ to a pile of logic and planning that sometimes makes my head spin.  I wouldn’t change my job in a million years though, it’s the best one I could possibly want.  Today’s task is to finally get together all the work I’ve been doing behind the scenes on this latest project and actually start getting things to work.  I have a login, but now I need to get moving on the interiors of the application, programming in all the screens that each user would see, and how much of it they can make adjustments and changes to.  One user may need to only see a few items, where others may need to see all available, and others may need to have all of it available for update.  Most of this I can pass on to the other programmers as well, but I’ll need to have the go ahead first, because if we don’t have a plan in place, we can’t have people doing work that hasn’t yet been properly defined.