With Our Experience, How Could One Resist?

In a couple weeks, Laurence and I will be heading to New York to shoot an aortic valve replacement in the OR. In preparing for the shoot, we’ve acquired a new toy here in the video studio:  a mini point-of-view cam. This little guy will be strapped on the surgeon’s head during the operation to get an up close and personal view of the process. We’ll also be rigging our other video camera high above the operation table to capture a wider angle in high definition. With the help of our remote controlled monitoring interface, we’ll be able to control the zoom and focus rings from the other side of the room so we don’t get in the way of the doctors and nurses involved in the operation.

Since our new camera came with four different lenses, I’ve been recording some practical (and not so practical) tests to see the benefits and drawbacks of each lens. With a medical procedure like open heart surgery, you get one chance to capture it without any do-overs so we want to make sure it looks good!

With all of the production companies in New York, our client chose us, DDA Video and DDA Medical, because they trust the experience we have in the medical media production field. With all of the virtual medical simulations, medical 3-D animations, educational videos, and medical e-learning platforms we’ve been doing lately, how could one resist!