Working weekend

Back in the 80s there was a song by the band Loverboy that explained how hard everyone works during the week so they can party it up on the weekend.  In my case, I’d change the lyrics to “Everybody’s workin’ on the weekend.”  Since I started working at DDA they’ve had this awesome 4-day work week.  Though the days are long, the Fridays off makes up for it (and we can say we were green when green was green, ha!).  On occasion though, we do have to put in some time over the weekends. After all, the internet is a 24/7 deal, so sometimes if things happen (or don’t happen, as the case may be) we have to put in some time to get things back into shape.  Considering the hours many programmers deal with, I’ll take the occasional couple hours outside of work, compared to the expected 60+ hour work week.

So this weekend my struggle was with SSL.  Apparently there’s a huge breakdown with callbacks and cfscheduled tasks when a site is running under SSL.  I’ve done similar sites without problems, so it was surprising to me that so much could go so wrong when changing a site from a standard website to a SSL-wrapped site.  The quick and possibly only workaround was to set up a subdomain and have the broken tasks run through that.  We’ll see as the day goes how well that works out in my head.