Wrapping Up the Week with Apple-Friendly, Animations, and More

I’m looking forward to the weekend. It’s supposed to be beautiful and we’re planting our garden, so that’s exciting. I’m going to do four varieties of hot peppers this year and tomatillos. Add to that the cilantro I’ll be growing, and we got ourselves some awesome Mexican dishes coming up. I’m excited, because thus far in my premature culinary experience, Mexican seems to be what I’m best at.

In the meantime, I’ll wrap up the last of the proposals for his week, including website design and development, interactive video game development, and 3D animation. I’ll also try to squeeze in some content for the new AppleSavvy division, which is focused on converting existing Flash websites so they’re compatible with and run on the iPad and iPhone. I’ll also check in with a client on some design updates we did for their medical website, and at some point I’m sure eLearning and our incredibly interactive virtual medical simulations will be discussed. That topic usually creeps up at some point during the day.

Then, once everything’s been handled for the week, I can head home satisfied and get ready to play in the dirt.