X-Men of Digital Media

Seems like we have quite a bit of activity going on here at DDA. I’ve been dipping into every well of my skills over the past few days. My custom programming skills have been put to the test in Coldfusion, Javascript, and Actionscript 3. My animation skills have also been put to good use in Flash animation and in some 3D animation in Lightwave 9.6. Throw in a dash of Photoshop image editing and some blogging and I’ve got quite a list going. All the workers here are more than one-trick ponies. Our video department head is an expert with Flash and video work. Our other video guy focuses on video, but has already picked up on Flash animation and done really well. We’ve also got a 3D animation pro who doubles in Flash animation and Flash programming. We’ve all got a bevy of skills that can be tuned to whatever project needs to be done at any point in time. The other departments all throw in their own mix of skills as well. Graphic designers/HTML and CSS coders. Project coordinators/copywriters. Programmer/handyman. Also, let’s not forget that everyone is a blogger. We’re the multi-talented X-men of digital media.

These various skill sets are the reason why we can offer so many types of services. We, as a whole, are masters in everything digital, and our virtual superhero abilities are here for your purchase. To see an extensive sample of our works over the past 15 plus years you can go check out our corporate portfolio. Otherwise, for a quicker snapshot of what we’ve done, check out the DDA Grid. Once you’re done being impressed you can navigate your way to some contact information and give us a call to either schedule a visit or to just get a free quote on how much your next needed project might cost. We’ll be waiting.