X-ray Vision

I’ve been playing some Civ IV lately (man its an addictive game,) when my Japanese Empire suddenly produced Leonardo da Vinci. I was reading the history behind him and his achievements, especially in the medical field. The man had a fascination with the human body and produced some of the most detailed anatomical drawings of the time.

That got me thinking about just how far technology, particularly medical technology, has come in the past, oh, 500 years or so. Its amazing to believe that there was a point where most of our knowledge of the human anatomy came from the carefully studied drawings of great artists and scientists like da Vinci.

Today, it is routine for doctors to look directly inside someone’s body. Indeed, even laymen such as myself do it on a daily basis; I am currently involved in no less than 3 medical training tools that require me to study x-ray fluoroscopy videos, detailed drawings and photographs of the human spinal column, and studies of the precise anatomy in the mouth, throat and larynx.

The projects I’m working on will further contribute to the understanding of the human anatomy. Medical students and physicians can take DDA’s patented interactive medical training tools and use them to learn about their patients in a whole new way. These are tools that can be accessed online, providing training and certification from home, or in the classroom. Its never been so easy to look inside the human body, and with DDA’s interactive online medical training tools, its only getting easier!