You have our attention, from beginning, middle and end

My 2-year old loves trains. He also love big trucks, fire trucks, and buses. So, yesterday we packed up the kids and after attending a birthday party, we set off for Jim Thorpe to hop aboard the Lehigh Valley Gorge Scenic train ride featuring a special guest, you know who! It was freezing cold so we gladly boarded the heated passenger cars and took our seats. Santa arrived and handed out candy canes, asked the kids if they were good, which they both answered yes (and I thought.. hmm… there were a few incidents I do remember of not being good…) and Santa handed them a candy cane and off we went through the very beautiful Lehigh Valley Gorge. My almost 5-year old was full of questions and my 2-year old… well, he was so excited he fell asleep in my arms and didn’t wake up until the train stopped. I secretly enjoyed every minute of my little boy motionless on my lap since it was so very cold, I enjoyed the nice warmth he provided and it’s not often he sits with me that long. Once they start walking, they’re too busy for that.

That’s one thing you won’t find here at DDA. We will stay awake for the entire length of your project. You won’t find us asleep “behind the wheel” while working on your medical or Healthcare IT company’s website or online training portal. Our communication and attention to detail will be in tip top shape from beginning to end and unlike my 2-year old we do not require a nap in the middle of designing your patient brochure or editing high-quality video for your online training tool or DVD.