3 new clients

Yesterday, the Tuesday after Memorial Day, is by all accounts supposed to be one of the slowest business days of the year….especially in the advertising and marketing industry.

Yesterday, DDA was fortunate to receive confirmation of new projects for three new clients. The first is for a Billion dollar Insurance Company, the second for a leading edge medical device in clinical trials and awaiting FDA approval, and the third was for a marketing company doing consulting work for African companies seeking consultative services in the U.S. Two were for videos and the third was for a website development project.

I don’t mention these new clients or their projects to boast of our success or pat ourselves on the back. I mention them in part because of the deep sense of gratitude we have for their apparent confidence in us and their willingness to trust DDA. I also mention them because we are grateful to be busy during this time of economic slowdown and want every business man or woman reading this to understand that marketing in a slow economy is no different than marketing in a good economy. Do the right things and results will follow.

Of course, the question becomes, what is the right thing. The answer is across the board…the basics, the things that represent “more” than the next guy, and the innovative things that set the pace, lead the way, and keep a company out front.

DDA has along history of doing the right things. We insist on doing these things, for self promotion, as a way of demonstrating our faith in the efficacy of what we do for our clients.

We also insist on telling our clients about what we think they should be doing for themselves. Clients do not always accept our point-of-view and sometimes their and our points-of-view are merged into plans that are hybrids. Still, we insist on presenting the good with the bad, the facts, the strategies and insights we have learned and adopted over a very long period of time in marketing and advertising, in building websites and doing search marketing, in designing brochures and catalogs, in illustration, photography, video production, programming, copy writing and more.

It is our client’s choice to accept and adopt or reject and refuse. It is DDA’s obligation to offer, advise, explain, and tell it like it is, and so we do.