40 Days Sans Bread

As my Lenten sacrifice, this year I have decided to give up bread. Gulp. I am a huge fan of bread, rolls, and all carbs in general. I could live off of lunchmeat sandwiches and the old stand-by peanut butter and jelly. But in a effort to also trim the waistline since my dress fitting is quickly approaching, I will try my hardest to stay away from the approx. 4″ x 4″ squares of goodness.

Needless to say that I am starving already this morning and my stomach is grumbling as I am looking through my website optimization for the day. I will be implementing optimization elements into a medical website that we designed, as well as a website for floor cleaning equipment that we also designed.

Lunchtime seems so far away, and I am sure that I will be drooling over the panini’s and sub sandwiches that are the norm in our lunchroom. But at least I have a lot of work to keep my mind off of my craving!