The Real Meaning of Bing

This past weekend I had dinner at a local Chinese buffet. At the end of our meal we all cracked open our fortune cookies. Most people are familiar that one side of the slip inside the cookie is a fortune and the other is a Chinese word with its English translation. So, I may be slightly behind the times, but it was rather amusing when one of our fortunes was the Chinese word bing and its English translation is disease. What!?

What was Microsoft thinking when they named their new search engine?
Did they not do their research?
How could a company like Microsoft let something like this fall through the cracks?

With this I had to Google it. In my search I have made rather interesting findings. Mostly that bing is simply a Chinese syllable and nothing more. Most people would probably never take the time to look into this in greater depth and if they were to get this fortune after a meal, would take it for truth.

So, when you are preparing to market a new product be sure to do your research when going through your branding exercises. Or you could always contact DDA and we will guide your through your marketing and branding with ease.