The Perks of Marketing with DDA

Our plan this weekend was to get a lot of yard work done, which we partly succeeded at, or at least at accomplishing our primary goals. Unfortunately, the heat was just too much by Saturday afternoon and I was drained of energy, so we called it quits. And forget about Sunday. Part of our efforts included going down to the public works department in our borough to drop off weeds and brush we’d just cleared and pick up some mulch. Granted, it’s not the greatest mulch, but it’s free, which makes it pretty good in my book. I love that the borough offers this (though most do) and it’s even greater that’s it only a couple of blocks away. Another joy in my eyes of living in a small town.

At DDA, we give away free stuff too, as a courtesy to our clients. OK, so you have to pay for our services, like corporate and medical website design and development, video production, graphic design, and custom programming, but with those come a lot of freebies that make the experience that much better. Like marketing and branding, which is an integrated part of every service we undertake, conceptualization, attentive customer service, responsiveness, and of course innovation. Then there’s our post-launch search engine marketing (SEM) program, which includes free website hosting.  We not only help you find the solution that best meet your needs, we provide unique and cutting-edge technologies, like interactive marketing services and virtual medical simulations, that put you way ahead of the competition.

Like my borough, we want to maximize convenience for our clients, offering everything that’s needed to be successful in house, with all of the perks of a big-time agency (without the prices). That’s why we’re always looking to the future, like building and converting websites to be iPad and iPhone compatible and custom developing apps, to compensate for the Adobe Flash and Apple fallout.

Contact DDA today to get corporate advertising, medical marketing, and healthcare communication services that give you way more than you ever thought possible.