We Just Have To Keep Mining

I haven’t blogged for several days because I have been playing catch up since I was home bound with a really nasty cold and cough. Am okay now, but amazing what being gone two days will do to paper work, so blogging has not been a high priority, and that’s wrong because there are so many good things happening at DDA, it would be nice to share some of them.

For example, we just concluded a very intense photoshoot with a very intense client. No need to elaborate, you get the picture. What is important is how capable our crew is. The planning and execution both on location and in the studio of a myriad of actors and supporting cast can spell trouble, but everyone involved did their work and except for tiny hiccups the project was declared a big success. That was phase one. Now, comes the magic of blending virtual environments with actual photography and making it all look like the image was done in one take.

Stay tuned for the results. We will post them in our Video/Photography Portfolio for all to see.

All our departments are busy, so the days fly by and even if business has not really become strong enough to make us comfortable, I’m grateful that we have good work. We just have to keep mining!