Moving Forward

One of the glitches of working for a full-service, interactive and traditional marketing and advertising company that’s focused on innovation is it’s never ending. As a company, we are continuously growing — new divisions, websites, technologies , and on and on– and there’s never any shortage of requests for any number of medical or corporate marketing services. What this means as a writer, project coordinator, and general new business representative is that I have to keep on top of our evolution at all times and ensure that how the general public is perceiving us is up-to-date and accurate.

We happen to be at a point in our evolution where there are a lot of changes going on, and I’ve been generally overseeing a lot of these updates, along with the other writers and department heads. For one, we now have the Universal Portfolio, which is a pretty amazing feat, let me tell you. Nowhere else will get such a comprehensive picture of what DDA has to offer (and had to offer; it’s as much a historical record as it is an A to Z portfolio). Connected to all that is the fact that we’re the Original Universal Developer and, of course,  all of the Flash conversion/iPad and iPhone friendly development going on over at AppleSavvy.

But, much like those late-night infomercials, that’s not all.  Our comprehensive eLearning development services have really grown tremendously in the last couple of years, including the creation of virtual medical simulations, the first such simulations we’re aware of anywhere. Then there’s the projects we’re completing almost daily, from video production and animation to website design and development and search engine marketing (SEM), and making sure those are added to our existing portfolios, along with all the other routine maintenance things we need do to.

So you see, there’s a lot going on here, and if I was going to be honest, I’d admit some days it can be exhausting. But I keep on moving forward, because you can’t work for a company focused on innovation without always looking to the future.