5 golden rings

Today, I am working on a menu structure for a client and they provided me with a list of machines they have

  • 11 Grinding Machines
  • 8 Lathes (2 Full size & 6 Hardinge Precision)
  • 4 Drill Presses
  • 3 Milling Machines
  • 2 Optical Comparators
  • On site Welding

And while it sounds like a machine shop Christmas carol, it is, in fact, a very important search engine optimization step. Lists like these are packed full of juicy keyword rich material that not only helps with your primary keywords but provides plenty of fodder for those long tail hits that end up making a considerable amount of your overall traffic.

Working especially closely with your client in the menu stage is crucial as it provides that backbone to the whole optimization platform. This step is often overlooked in the rush to produce a fancy looking design concept, but extra time spent getting this part just right not only makes the design go smoother (less redesigns when they decide to add extra menus) but payback tenfold when it comes to getting those all important search engine rankings