The time has come. A new milestone has been reached. My 500th blog entry is upon us. There is no special prize. The glitz and glam of blogs stopped long ago. Prizes and incentives gone, I forged on through the storms aiming only to reach the proverbial peak of the blog mountain. Many colleagues have fallen since the beginning of the journey, but I held strong climbing over and past their lifeless corpses piled up before me. I wanted to take them all with me, but I knew I had to leave them behind or perish with them. Now this day, with the zenith in sight I continue my typing. Though labored and wrought with sweat, my quivering fingers dance spryly across the keys with the anticipation of a completed quest. Things are going well for a while until the dreaded happens. The words are beginning to slow in my brain now. I am running dry. On the fly, I devise a new plan. I will finish this paragraph very soon now and then quickly make my final blow… the keyword loaded DDA paragraph. With every last bit of strength I will finish this 500th blog entry and fulfill my destiny.

This may be my 500th blog entry, but DDA has done well over 500 projects since it’s beginnings in the mid 90’s. If you don’t believe me, then check out our portfolios. Those will keep you busy for a while. We have done so much work because we offer so many services. We do things like 3D animation, video editing, digital photography, advanced programming, custom web design, copywriting, search engine marketing (SEM), and much more. Anything digital or media related is something that we can probably do for you. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.