Video: The New Manual

When customers download and install software, or purchase a new electronic device, learning how to properly use that software or device can be difficult and time-consuming. For tutorial needs, such products often come with instructional manuals, but such manuals can be daunting to read when devices or software programs are complex. Manuals also only cater to one type of learning, textual.

When customers encounter difficulties with product use or software installation, it can mean calls to customer service lines, calls that take manpower or automated voice message systems to handle. When several calls accumulate to these automated voice message systems and customer service staff members, it can cause delayed calls, and delayed calls may mean dissatisfied customers. Therefore, customers may either return the device or software or not return to purchase additional software or devices. An instructional manual that causes customers to be dissatisfied obviously does not translate to a good return on investment (ROI). In fact, most might say that when instructional devices, which are meant to help customers, cause customers to be dissatisfied, it is in fact very counterproductive for business.

These potential issues can easily be avoided if the right approach to providing tutorial material for a device or software is used. That approach could be a video tutorial. A video tutorial can simultaneously cater to several learning types and better physically show exactly how things work and where things are, allowing even the most complex software or device to be intuitive and user-friendly. With a video tutorial, you won’t have to worry about customers finding the “on” switch at the bottom of the electronic device because it clearly wasn’t marked.

A video with clear voiceover narration, good casting, good shots of the product, and visuals of a simplified, step-by-step process will make certain customers become familiar with a device or software, and therefore be more than satisfied with their purchase.

Customers could stay off the phone and find every button and function they need on their device or in their software. Any number of such functions and controls can be clearly explained with a video using animation, special effects, filming, editing, actor casting, storyboarding, and scriptwriting services to make device and software use explicitly clear to customers.

Let Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) create the perfect tutorial video to make your product stand out and leave customers with a clear understanding. Our professional animators, editors, actors, and storyboard and script writers have years of professional and in-house experience, ensuring you get a satisfactory product from us that you can use to showcase your product. Contact us today to see what product demonstration option DDA can create for you.



Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart