8 to 6 or 9 to 5

Every morning as I get ready for work I keep the TV on in the background and listen to TODAY on NBC. This morning I couldn’t help but giggle when I heard a teaser for an upcoming clip about companies adjusting their schedules to operate on four-day work weeks due to the cost of commuting.

When the clip aired the anchor rattled off a list of pros to adopting such a schedule and he questioned it as well. As he spoke with the guest for this segment, they touched on how research shows that a 10-hour a day/ four-day work week increases productivity and saves the company money when they are closed for a third day.

Why did it take overwhelming gas prices for Corporate America to adopt such a work schedule? DDA has been practicing a four-day work week for many years with no complaints. Initially new clients may have their worries about our business hours but those worries are quickly washed away once we make them aware that our team does check email on Fridays as well as the voicemail, which is checked every hour, so should there be an emergency, someone will respond promptly.

Even though we do not have business hours on Fridays, we get just as much work completed if not more during our four days than many companies do in five, and that’s everything from website development updates, to search engine marketing, programming, and even animation Considering that many corporations only focus on a niche of their industry and DDA covers everything related to the advertising and marketing industry, from video to print production and beyond, that is quite an accomplishment.

When you work a standard five-day work week, a two-day weekend flies by and you never feel like you got everything you wanted accomplished. Because while you are home Saturday and Sunday, so are the vast majority of the population, which leads to bad traffic and many more people everywhere you go.

Having off on Fridays gives one the flexibility to get things completed as well as take time to step back and relax. By Sunday night you feel as though you are ready to face another four-day work week.

Working four days and having three days off, is a much better balance than working five days and having two days off.