884 and counting…. It is a massive effort to compile, date and describe every item that DDA has produced over the past 13 years. The DDA Universal Portfolio is one of our recent mammoth undertakings, and it involves almost every staff member in some way by either contributing medical copywriting, custom programming, searching, compiling and prepping.

These samples show that the amount of talent that oozes out of every pore of the DDA machine is astounding. There are  examples of every type of design and service, including medical illustrations and animations, medical video production, streaming video, medical device video, product photography, on location photography, flash programming, print ad design, medical website design, corporate identity design, medical CME, 2D and 3D animations, virtual medical simulations, interactive games and websites, commercial scriptwriting, search engine optimization… and the list goes on…

Plus, all this is made available for your viewing pleasure on any platform, including your iphone® and ipad®. (Check out our Applesavvy for ways that we can help with that.) It’s quite a fun little history lesson as you can view the progression of designs from vintage to current and watch each advancement in technology as they are integrated them into every new design along the way. Join us at the forefront, DDA is always one step ahead.