A Beginning and An End

On Friday, I helped my sister move into college. It was the accumulation of a nearly two-year college hunt, complete with many full-day visits, application processes, waiting, decision-making, and funding mayhem. For me, it was a bit like a closing to the time-consuming process that stole many of my weekends, but for my younger sister, it’s just the beginning. Classes start on Wednesday and in the meantime, she has plenty of time to get used to the campus, make new friends, and start to settle into dorm living. I know she will do well.

At DDA, we have clients who come to us at all phases of life — the beginning, middle, and end. For some businesses, it’s the first marketing or advertising effort they’ve ever embarked on and for others, we’re like a last resort. Our full-service video production services can be used from A to Z, including conceptualization, scriptwriting, video shooting, on-location or in-studio, graphics development, editing, and production, or ala carte, with just the services the client needs. Our website design and development services can be used with or without search engine marketing (SEM), and even 3D animation has a choice,  either the client supplies the 3D models or we build from scratch.

One thing you can be sure of is, no matter which stage you happen to be at, DDA will always do it bigger and better, with innovative services like eLearning platform development and virtual medical simulations, and with our custom programming and universal development services, like Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development, you can be sure no matter who you want to reach and where, you will.

So take a new step or create a happy ending with DDA’s corporate and medical, interactive and traditional marketing and advertising services.