A Day of Firsts

The first workday in September holds a handful of firsts for this Mom and SEO Specialist at DDA, a search engine marketing company. The first day of fourth grade at a new school for my daughter, first day of kindergarten for my oldest son, first day driving the new truck after having to put the minivan to rest (my fiancee nearly cried handing over his keys), the lovely first day of school bus traffic and the first day of website optimization in a new month.

After dealing with the heartache of not being able to kiss my daughter goodbye before she got on the bus, I am at DDA and ready to begin the website optimization techniques needed for our clients to achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

I am still thinking about how I was basically waving to no one as she got on the bus, since she didn’t give me a second thought as she was on her way to making new friends. And I am sure that this sick feeling in my stomach won’t go away until I see her getting off of the bus and gushing about her first day at a new school. The bus drop-off time is still quite a while away so I will have to dive right into adding meta tags, submitting press releases and updating optimization status reports to keep my mind off of things… like hoping that she doesn’t sit alone at lunch or that cliques have started so young and no one will talk to “the new kid.” Oh this is going to be a long day of heartache for me!