A Few SEO Secrets

Being a search engine optimization specialist at DDA, a search engine marketing company, I have learned the ins and outs of website optimization. I will share a few seo secrets for on-page optimization when trying to achieve increased rankings in the major search engines.

Secret #1 – Optimize your website for a keyword phrase rather than a specific keyword. Usually if you are trying to get the top spot for a single term, that therm is highly competitive and your chances are slim to none.

Secret #2 – Include your keyword phrase throughout your website content. Having your keyword phrase in the meta tags alone is simply not enough anymore.

Secret #3 – In addition to including your keyword phrase in the keyword-rich content of your website, be sure to make it a header tag as well. Search engines weigh keywords that are in header tag format more heavily than plain text.

That’s all I can give away for today … maybe next week I will tell a few secrets about off-site optimization. I can’t give away too much or I’ll be out of a job!