A Good Way to Start Your Day

Is there anything better than being told you look beautiful by someone you love? When it comes from your five year old son,  the feeling is even better! Let me back track…

This morning I woke up with a horrible headache, it was still lingering from when I fell asleep with it. After giving myself 5 minutes to just lay down, the boys were up and my crazy morning began. After I got everyone’s breakfast together and they were all settled and dressed, I walked through the kitchen and passed the beautiful bouquet of fall flowers on the table. Flowers have that amazing ability to make me smile. So I decided to pluck two small yellow flowers from the bunch and put them in my hair, my ever-observant son came over and said, “Hey, why do you have flowers in your hair?, You look beautiful!” That just made my day! My headache is still there but his comment somehow made it less painful.

So here I am at DDA, a search engine marketing company, with flowers in my hair and a smile on my face ready to start a day of website optimization. I was already asked to do a bit of proofreading for a CD-ROM design that one of our talented animators was working on.  Meta tags to focus, header tags to implement and social bookmaking code to add… this day will be full of techniques that will help website’s improve their rankings in the search engines.