A Hard but Worthwhile Task

We’re in the middle of putting together a comprehensive portfolio that will be viewable on all browsing platforms. This type of universal compatibility is really important these days, what with Flash not being viewable on the iPhone and iPad. Our new AppleSavvy division offers Flash conversion and iPhone and iPad friendly development services, and this new portfolio will serve as a great example of our capabilities in this area. It’s also the first all-encompassing portfolio we’ve ever had. It will be really nice to have all of our projects in one spot, especially with the easy-to-use navigation system we’ve developed. It’ll make navigating the estimated more than 800 projects a breeze.

Putting it all together, however, is not such a breeze. It takes a combined effort among five different departments — graphic design, copywriting, video, programming, and web development.  The biggest task so far is adding and properly tagging all of the projects that will be entered into the tool once development is complete. We’re very close to having every project within all portfolios entered into the master list. So far we’re at 724 projects. Gazooks! That includes print projects like brochure and sell sheet design, website design and development, digital photography, video production, eLearning platform development, virtual medical simulations, animations, illustrations, intranets, search engine optimization and marketing, scriptwriting, keyword-researched content development, programming, and on and on.

It’s now up to the writers to explain, define, and sort each and every one of these projects. We’ve already begun this lengthy task and will continue to muddle through until  every single one is accounted for. As with everything else here at DDA, it may be a lot of work, but in the end it’ll be worth it. We’ll be able to point people to an easy-to-use, completely compatible portfolio, stuffed to the brim with every project DDA has ever designed, created, developed, programmed, built, or written. Quite nice I say.