A Long Weekend Without an Automobile

As I left the office last Thursday I was excited for the extended weekend and the chance to get some errands out of the way and work taken care of. That hope quickly faded Friday evening as I parked my car in my driveway and my emergency brake cable snapped.

With that, my car went onto the street where the ground is flat, so it would not roll away. Saturday morning was spent trying to locate a replacement part for my car with no luck. Everyone said I needed to wait until Tuesday. So, I spent my weekend with no car, dependent on others. Even to the extent that I had to have my mom drive me to work this morning and I am still in search of a ride home this evening or I will be walking all 10 miles home.

But I made it to work so now my focus needs to be moved to website buildout, print production, and whatever else may come my way. Hopefully I will have my car back tomorrow.