A Lot Has Changed in Five Years

So, this past Sunday, 11/28, marked my 5-year anniversary with DDA. Yes, I remember the date. I tend to remember odd tidbits like that rather easily. This got me thinking about how much DDA has grown since I joined the team.

2005 – DDA was made up of 10-12 employees. DDA was growing and not long before I came on board they had expanded to offer search engine optimization copywriting.

2006 -  DDA launched a new division, DDA Medical, in order to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers.

2007 -  DDA developed illustrations and videos of each employee so that clients near and far could put a face to a name without leaving their desk. Meet DDA.

2008 -  After the development of DDA Medical and DDA Video we grew to a team of 20+ and began busting at the seams which forced the introduction of four new divisions: DDA Apps, DDA SEM, DDA CMT, and DDA USA. This was the year that the company made the move to a much larger facility which has allowed us to continue to grow.

2009 -  DDA created Synchronous Media™ and the DDA Smart Site™. Video, text, and images come together to create one very memorable experience that allows the user to obtain information in the medium with which they’re most comfortable.

2010 -  As technology changes so must a company’s capabilities. With the introduction of the iPad and the growth of mobile browsing, DDA launched our latest division, AppleSavvy.

So, that was just a quick glimpse of what I have witnessed over my 5 years with DDA. For a more detail compilation of our achievements and accomplishments visit our timeline.