A Man Named John

Growing up in the Midwest, I spent my early teen summers working at a car dealership that my father managed. Oldsmobiles. Great cars, before the era of the “Not your father’s Oldsmobile” advertsing slogan. To this day I love cars and am dismayed that Oldsmobile has gone the way of the Avanti, Studebaker, Rambler and other icons of my youth.

My duties varied from year-to-year and ran the gamut from washing cars to hauling parts around to steam cleaning engines and sweeping floors. When I turned 16, I got “a real job” packing groceries, then selling shoes and eventually I supported my college expenses by selling mattresses at the local sleep shop.

Of every task and every job, oddly enough, one of the most meaningful was sweeping floors at the Oldsmobile dealership. Certainly not because it was the most glamorous or the most fun or even the easiest. It was the most meaningful because of the man who took the time to teach me and because of the important life lessons that John gifted me with that early summer.

John was a quiet man of modest means and limited skills. He was, you might say, the low man on the totem pole at the dealership. It’s not that he wasn’t bright, just that he had very little schooling and even less job training. But what he did, he did well and that was the lesson he taught a young inexperienced sweeper named David.

To this day, the one quality we most appreciate in an employee or colleague is his/her desire to do, whatever they do, well. From the most technical IT, SEO, animation or video specialist to the graphic artist, writer, web designer, photographer and illustrator, a job well done is SOP at DDA.

For us, pride is not about success or money or  having the biggest clients. Pride is about making things happen for the client, impacting the bottom line and offering advanced advertising and marketing tools at budgets companies of all sizes can afford. It is pride the way John saw it. Thank you John!