A Medical Marketing Do’s (Don’ts) List

To nurture and grow your medical practice you need to know how to successfully market it. Otherwise you may end up with an outcome that is not so desirable. As long as you continuously market your medical practice successfully you will experience increasing revenue, growing patient volume, and perhaps the addition of a new office location.


  • Develop a well-thought out marketing plan. Make sure you have specific goals in mind and actions to reach those goals. Be sure to track your results as this will be a key indicator to know what is working and what is not.
  • Use your marketing efforts to educate your target audience (patients, referring doctors, the community).
  • Set realistic expectations.


  • Wait for patients to come to you. In the medical field you need to be proactive or a potential patient my pass you by.
  •  Assume that marketing and advertising are one in the same. Advertising is paid , public messages to promote your practice. Marketing is the planning and implementation that goes into the advertising.
  • Take your efforts lightly. Should you decide to take the time to try and market your practice in a effective manner make sure you stay very involved in every step. If you don’t watch carefully your efforts could end up costing a large sum of money and hurt you in the end.
  • Be impatient. You will not see results overnight, give your efforts time to be absorbed.

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