A Miracle In The Desert

 Today, I’m not going to talk about DDA’s many services from eLearning platforms to complex programming and all the projects our different teams are involved in. Today I want to write about a miracle in the desert.

Too many stories in the nightly news do not deserve  to be watched and listened to because of the negativity or because of how stories are hyped. BUT, last night I was glued to the TV (along with a billion people worldwide) as a Chilean drama played out live in a very hostile environment. I am talking about the 33 trapped miners who a few months ago were given up for dead. It was heart warming to see how the president of the country and his wife stayed at the site for 22 plus hours to welcome the men to light and freedom.

Few stories are as memorable. And the care the Chilean government and private enterprise took to assure the operation was a success was astounding. One thing that stood out was how quick the Chilean government was to accept outside help.  Unlike what happened with us and the Gulf oil spill. Of course the United States was first in line and a company in Pennsylvania actually designed and built the precision drill bit that cut through virgin rock.

In all, 12 countries played a role in this very dramatic first-of-a-kind rescue.

Considering how long the men were in darkness breathing gases etc., the doctors examining them expected all kinds of physical ailments, but all 33 were in relatively good health. Their mental health going forward is still to be determined, but again the Chilean president is making sure they will be monitored and helped as needed.

All in all it was a miracle and proof that faith and hope and the fighting spirit of a band of brothers can conquer seemingly impossible odds.

This has little to do with the work we do at our advertising and marketing company, but has everything to do with being the best human being possible and that impacts one’s personal and professional life. I would like to believe that DDAers have the same mettle as those special men. We too have grit and staying power and believe in what we do day in and day out.