A New Route

Today after moving house I had to take a new route to work. I have several routes planned and will try them over the next few days.

In planning the routes I took into account multiple factors:

  • Number of traffic lights
  • Speed of roads
  • Number of school zones (although not applicable now, it’s worth noting. A seemingly quick route now may become bogged down in the autumn with minivans and the plethora of obese school kids who can’t walk to school, and once at school have the intelligence of a squirrel and may randomly run into the road therefore closing traffic on both sides of a street and when traffic is allowed to flow reducing it’s speed to a crawl. On a side note; Darwin’s theory put into use here may better serve the human race in the future.)
  • Potential speed traps

You can factor all these things in, but you don’t know until you try it in a real-time situation. This reminds me a lot of A/B Testing which is where you randomly display and advert between several choices. You let this run for a few days and you can then compare how affective different adverts are at converting traffic on your website.

This is one of the website design services we offer our clients. You can use A/B testing for PPC, organic optimization and even just seeing if one home page will convert people to sign up better than another one.