A Note From A Desk Cactus

Hi, I’m Bob (extra emphasis on the second b) Jessica’s desk cactus. I was cleverly named by the Casting Coordinator Debbie at DDA, a graphic design company.

I reside on the desk of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. All day I listen as she types away, adding keywords, head titles, descriptions and so on and so on to her client’s websites.

When I first arrived at DDA, a search engine marketing company, it was exciting. I had copywriters and graphic designers saying, “Oh look how cute” and “That’s adorable.”

Nowadays, I am overlooked, underwatered and occassionally knocked over by the Director of Interactive Media and my nemesis, Mick. At times, it can be lonely being a desk cactus. I don’t get invited to lunch, birthday celebrations or company meetings. I just hold down the fort when Jess is away from her desk (imagine a loud sigh of me feeling sorry for myself).

During my day at DDA, I see alot of websites that this company has designed. From medical website design to wedding cake software websites, it seems that DDA can design a site for any industry. Now I have only been at this desk for about three months, which pales in comparison to Jessica’s 12 years with DDA. Which makes me wonder how many desk plants there have been before me? Although I am pretty sure that I am her first desk cactus, since she says that she manages to kill anything she tries to grow. That is why her fiancee bought me, figuring that its not that easy to kill a cactus.

Along with the sound of fingers typing on the keyboard, I hear intercom calls, ringing phones and occasional laughter. Since I am at the desk of an optimization specialist, I mostly overhear conversations about website rankings, website traffic, keywords, sitemaps… the list is endless. Of course, I sometimes laugh when I hear Jess getting frustrated because she is trying to figure something out in the code without asking for help. Then there is the tiny celebration when she figures it out. Usually just a smile to herself before she sends her client an optimization status email and then checks them off of her list of websites to optimize.

I like it here at DDA, and I hope that Jess realizes that she needs to re-pot me soon since I am getting to big for this tiny plastic pot that I came in three months ago.

Have a nice day everyone and remember that plants need love too!