A Phenomenon you Can’t Ignore

When it comes to new and popular technologies, it often seems they boom overnight, like Twitter for instance. One day maybe only a handful of every 100 people you met would’ve known what the site was. Now, it’s as common as email. And it’s always the ones that get in early who wind up benefiting the most, like companies who were forward-thinking enough to know how popular the Internet would become. I think by now it’s pretty apparent to most that ignoring a particular technology or phenomenon doesn’t make it go away, rather you’ll just get left in the dust.

Along with our proprietary web design and development services, advanced search engine marketing, video production, custom programming, eLearning platform development with virtual medical simulations, and interactive marketing, DDA is yet again offering our clients an edge. Our newest division, AppleSavvy, offers conversion and development services to create iPad and iPhone friendly websites. After Apple’s announcement that Flash won’t run on any of its mobile devices, visitors browsing your site using these devices will see empty holes where the Flash video, animation, banner, or presentation should be. With sales of the iPad growing and exceeding expectations, you can’t afford to ignore this phenomenon.

Don’t lose out on a chunk of your audience, look to to AppleSavvy to help you turn your website into an engaging and attention-grabbing presentation that reaches visitors on all platforms.