A Quick Fix or Complete Overhaul

My fiancee and I have been looking for our new home and we have found a house that is exactly what (and where) we want, but it is in need of a complete overhaul. There is part of us that wants to buy a fixer upper type of house since the neighborhood we want to live in is pretty expensive, but then the other part of us isn’t sure if we will be able to afford to re-do everything in the house. Everything in this house is describes as “original”, and believe me from the paint colors to kitchen cabinets, appliances to bathroom fixtures… even the mailbox looks original. In this situation a quick fix would be to repaint all of the walls, get everything cleaned up as much as we can, move in and start one project at a time… however with the number of projects that would need to be completed, we would be waiting years for the house to be the way we want it to look. (So I guess it’s not really a quick fix) We still have a little bit of time to decide what we plan on doing but I am afraid if we pass on this one, another will not go on the market in the period of time in which we would like to move.

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