A Real Pain in the Neck

This weekend was surprisingly not as busy as my usual weekends. Although, I still found myself running around like a maniac from place to place with a fiancee and three children in tow. Through the rain and all we went out on our hunt for their Halloween costumes. Finally three costume stores, $40. and one coupon later, we finally had our three little Superheroes running around the house. (Luckily, I was able to use my older son’s Spiderman costume for my younger son this year; Yay for saving money!) So there will be, SpiderMan, Iron Man and SuperGirl, running around collecting candy and giggling along the way. As much as they were a pain in my neck, they do not compare to the pain I have in my neck (literally) and shoulder from carting around my purse since my son is no longer in a stroller.

As I walked into DDA, a search engine marketing company, this morning I just had to weigh my miniature piece of luggage that contains basically my entire life, my purse. So I carried it on over to our Casting Coordinator’s, Debbie, desk and weighed it, the scale showed a whopping 8 pounds!! I’m sure it weighs more usually but having emptied out the wipes, juice cups, water bottles, and action figures that they have to have, today it is a little bit lighter. Now add that on to my three year old that was hanging on for dear life in the Halloween store and you can see why I have this pain lingering.

Alright, enough ranting. I have put down the purse and logged in to being my search engine optimization for the day. There are meta tags that need to be focused, header tags that need to be added and a slew of other techniques that I need to implement into the websites in our SureThing Optimization Program. Increasing their rankings in the search engines is my priority for today.

Although in the back of my mind I am thinking of the snacks that I need to make for three classroom Halloween parties along with the treats to bring into DDA as we celebrate the scary holiday as well… I wonder what I will dress up as this year?