A Reply to my Desk Cactus

Dear Bob,

First of all, I wanted you to know that the Note from a Desk Cactus post was supposed to be nominated for blog of the week but someone dropped the ball on that one. Great blogging and I’m still trying to figure out how you managed to type that one!

I know how hard it must be just to be the cactus on a desk of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Listening to me tapping on the keyboard all day while I’m implementing optimization elements my client’s website, must be annoying for you. And sometimes I may get lost in the sea of meta tags, header tags and source code, but I do glance over at you from time to time. You are my witness to all of the hard work that goes into achieving higher rankings in the search engines for my clients enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program.

Think of all of the nicely designed websites created by DDA, a graphic design company, that you get to see all day. And you have to admit that I have gotten much better at figuring out how to manipulate the code in Dreamweaver without having to call for Mick. I know how you hate when he knocks you over, but he means well. You are the first desk cactus around here and that makes everyone a little excited inside these walls at DDA, a search engine marketing company.

You may not be carried over to celebrate birthdays, but just think of it this way, I’m sparing you the pain of listening to the unharmonious version of Happy Birthday that we attempt every month. But you do serve an important role of holding down the fort when I hang up the seo specialist coat for the day and go home.

I hope you like the “mini oasis” I created for you to match my beach theme surroundings. I want you to know that I have a brand new terracotta planting pot for you, I just need to get some potting soil for you and then you will be set. I am trying to water you as much/as little as a cactus needs, this is all new to me. You have new buds growing, so I must be doing something right!

Your proud owner,