A Sense of Accomplishment

Twice this week I was able to have dinner prepared before breakfast. Let me explain this. I spent some time online last week looking up casserole recipes, then went shopping for the specified ingredients and planned out this week’s dinner night by night. Since Monday night’s dinner called for chicken I was able to kill two birds with one stone and cooked enough chicken to eat then and also have ready for tonight. So this morning, I was up dressed and putting together a casserole for a family of five before my little ones even opened their eyes.

So now I feel like I got so much accomplished at home and can focus on website optimization. As a search engine optimization specialist, I get a sense of accomplishment when I see the rankings of my clients’ websites increase in the search engines. Watching PageRank and Google cached pages numbers rise is also a nice pat on the back for all of the website optimization efforts we implement over the months in our SureThing Optimization Program.

And once I leave DDA for the day, I will be excited when I am asked, “What’s for dinner?”This is a welcome change from my normal reaction of wanting to throw my hand up in the air and then standing in front of the fridge staring blankly at its contents.