A Slow Start

It seems my behavior this morning is contagious. I’m a bit groggier than usual and it appears my computer is following suit. I’m now on my second try of getting Outlook to cooperate, and everything else is running ultra slow as well. Thank goodness for web mail. I’m not exactly sure why there appears to be a general lag to everything, but in any case, we’re moving full steam ahead. Well, it’s probably about quarter steam right now, but after this giant mug of coffee, I should speed right up to full.

This morning I have a variety of tasks awaiting me so I’m going to have to get things moving very soon. There are some emails to return, a task list to update (actually two; one is a general DDA list), a rough estimate to put together, a proposal to revise, and of course, the ever favorite comprehensive online portfolio to update. This is the portfolio to end all portfolio; it’s jammed packed with every project we’ve ever done, or at least darned near close, including video production, website design and development, search engine marketing (SEM), animations, medical illustrations, and even comprehensive eLearning platform development with virtual medical simulations. Trust me, it’s got a whole lot of stuff in there.

The best part about the portfolio is that it’ll be viewable across all browsing platforms, including the iPad and iPhone. It will serve as an excellent example of DDA’s Flash conversion and  iPad and iPhone friendly development services through its newest division, AppleSavvy.

After typing all that, I’m beginning to feel a bit more pep, and I just saw the little envelope icon pop up on the lower right-hand side of the screen, an indication that my Outlook is now working. So, since everything seems to now be working properly, I guess it’s time to get to work. Until tomorrow.