A Time for Celebration

This time of the year is celebration time around my house. There are 7 immediate family member’s birthdays that we celebrate from August through October, several more if you count extended family members and the in-laws. Anyway, as the resident cake baker of the family, this is a busy time of year for me. I still haven’t asked my youngest son what type of cake he would like, but I am guessing that he will lean towards Spiderman since he is a tad bit obsessed with him. And in two weeks we are having a joint birthday party for both of my sons who will be turning 6 and 4 respectively. So two cakes need to be ready for the same day, that should be fun!

The fall seems to be the busy season for us here at DDA, an interactive website design company. And that is also a good thing that should be celebrated. Our graphic designers will be whipping up some fantastic new website designs, postcard and business card designs while our copywriters stir up some keyword-rich, highly optimized content.

As the summer comes to a close, turn to DDA for your marketing and advertising projects for the fall!