A whole day of work, before my work day.

Each morning, I feel like I put in a whole day’s worth of work before my work day begins at DDA, a graphic design company.

Making three different breakfasts, packing three separate lunches, dressing kids, filling the dishwasher, making the beds, switching the wash and making sure all papers are signed and in my daughter’s folder for school… whew, I am tired just thinking about it. Being a mom I find it important to be unbelievably selfless. Putting everyone first, with myself clinging to my sanity way at the end of the line.

In a way, being a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at a search engine marketing company is kind of like parenting. I put all my client’s sites first. I wait to refill my glass of water or eat my lunch until I have finished working on their site and sending out an email with website optimization information and traffic report locations. Instead of packing a website’s lunch and making it breakfast, I make a backup copy and check my optimization work once uploaded. Checking on each site’s search engine rankings, Google cache, Google pagerank, website traffic all before tucking it into bed, I mean, turning off my computer each night…

The plus side is that unlike children, website’s can’t talk back!