About that Time

It is about that time these days isn’t it? You wake up and your day is arranged according to time and place. I’ve got to be here at this time and over there in a meeting by this time. What about time makes time so awesome? In my opinion, time is a limit or restriction, which forces an individual to meet the targeted time as pre-set within the individuals’ schedule or agenda. Time makes or breaks an individual’s ability as well as attitude. When a person can maintain a schedule adequately, that person feels good about themselves, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day…Lord knows we do not always have the privilege of time on our side.

That same schedule that restricts the length of time each activity or project will take, can work against an individual as well as their attitude. When one task on your agenda slips slightly over the restricted or pre-set time, and appropriate time management was not considered in the development of the schedule or unscheduled events occur, we run into the time chase! Time management is something our advertising company does extremely well. Time management is one of the crucial and and most expensive functions of a company’s success or failure. This is one of the main reasons advertising agencies have difficulty competing with DDA. Everything that is requested of our advertising services from conference calls to in-house meetings are all planned ahead to the proverbial “T”. 

Most advertising companies are overly conscientious about time management and being cost-effective. They run into problems because they over spend, and under deliver. More often then not, these companies make too many adjustments instead of letting their skilled web graphics designers use their talents as they were hired to do! Not letting talented individuals do what they do best is like asking an elephant to be deaf! It will not happen and the whole project will be adjusted to the point where the manager or supervisor of the project should have just performed the work themselves…sometimes you just got to let the skilled do their own thing, and provide them with the specs up front as opposed to during the work, which at this point begins to diminish the cost-effectiveness of the projects. This is one of the reasons that advertising companies tend to do lay-offs within the economy’s ups and downs…they are unable to maintain some level or average ground where productivity and cost-effectiveness meet. Therefore, the talent, money, and time are all wasted instead of nourished and it is always going to be about that time.