Abundance of Direct Mailers

My save-the-date magnets are in!! I have a few little issues but overall I am pleased. Now to address the little white envelopes and get them in the mail. I have been debating between handwriting each envelope or simply printing small clear labels. If I could print directly to the envelope I would, but I don’t believe my printer has an option for printing on 3-1/2″x4″ envelopes.

Printing labels should be rather easy, as I have been preparing a mailer for DDA and in the process, mastered the mail merge function in Microsoft Office. Only my mailer for DDA is much larger. I have 70 save-the-dates to mail and 200+ mailers for DDA. The process for each will be the same, only one will be more time consuming.

My save-the-dates just need addressed envelopes and postage and they will be ready to go. The mailer at DDA has a much more detailed process to achieve the final piece. Our letterhead is currently being updated by our lead designer, a well-written and grammatically correct letter is being composed, and envelopes are being printed. Once these steps are finished, the letters will need to be folded, stuffed into the corresponding addressed envelopes, and mailed.

DDA’s mailer is small compared to the mailers that we design and produce for some of our clients. Most recently our graphic designers put together four oversized mailers, which we will print 3,000+ of each. We will then mail each piece, two weeks apart, to the recipients on the client’s supplied mail lists. Each mailer relates to the client’s business, but touches on the different aspects of what they do. For this project, it took many hours to achieve the right look that could be carried through each piece yet deliver a different message.

DDA’s talented and degreed team is capable of fulfilling your wants and dreams.