Adding Content to your Website

The basic rule here is that you can never have too much content. That said, the content needs to be of a high standard if you actually need and want your website to be a useful tool. Content for a website has several functions and is much trickier then you would first think.

  1. It needs to be Search Engine friendly; that is contain the correct keywords on each page that will attract the appropriate traffic to your site.
  2. Be able to put out whatever message the website owner is trying to portray.
  3. It must also be informative in such a way that the end user will want to read it thoroughly once they have glanced at it.

Usually these functions are all pushing and pulling against each other, making it a tad tricky to satisfy all the parameters. At DDA, we have a whole team of in-house website writers who have years of experience in this particularly difficult writing challenge. They can research keywords, create page-by-page content plans, and combine that information with great marketing copy to produce outstanding website copy time after time. One of the biggest problems we come across is that people don’t know what to write about, here are a suggestions for coming up with content.

  • Provide expert knowledge and advice, like a how to section
  • Answer your website users’ questions, by creating an FAQ section
  • Review products and services within your field of expertise