Advancements in Advertising and School Projects

Last night we were up later than usual getting everything together for my daughter’s 4th grade science project. She needs to construct a model of some sorts using electrical circuits hooked up to two C batteries. Since my fiance happens to be an electrician,  you’d think this would be simple, right? Well, all of the electrical work needs to be completed in class by the students. I guess this is the school’s way of stopping overzealous parents from overtaking their child’s project and coming in with a project that could outshine the sun. So we sent her to school today with her tiny light bulbs, wires, batteries and a schematic of how to put it all together and make everything light up. I never had a project this involved when I was in fourth grade, or even in grade school for that matter.

Advertising has had its share of advancements over the years as well. Medical advertising has become a larger part of our workload here at DDA. I remember filming the video clips for the medical website design we created for our new division a few years ago when we were just tapping into medical advertising services. Now, just a few years later, our medical portfolio is full of medical website designs, clinical website designs, medical print materials, medical trade show booths and medical flash flipbooks. We have created live streaming medical presentations, medical logos and medical trade show graphics as well.

Later this week I will be on front of the camera once again to film updated video clips for DDA Medical. With the long list of medical advertising services that we provide, this video shoot could take a while!