Advertising Signs

This weekend, my family and I walked into a local electronic store and about three steps into the store, I saw a sign that a band my mom is quite fond of was showing up for an autograph signing session. From the initial point of sign-seeing to holding the autographed DVD in my hand, it was about a two hour wait with two tired and whiny boys tagging along!

 The point of this story is that without the attention grabbing large format graphic at the front of the store, I never would have known that I was going to meet Rockstars that day.  Now DDA, did not design this particular poster but, Dynamic Digital Advertising designs and produces high quality large format posters, signs, and graphics for a variety of uses. From medical illustrations used for trade show graphics, to outdoor advertising and billboards, DDA can create the attention-getting sign your company needs, contact DDA today for a quote!