Advertising Without the Annoying Glitches

Last week or so I wrote about my new air conditioning and how it was great to have and much needed. Well, I would like to rescind my statement. Actually, more like revise. I still enjoy the cool air, especially with the recent weather. However, our air conditioner has one extremely annoying feature that I didn’t read about in any of the reviews — the timer beeps incessantly when it’s shutting down or turning on. The biggest problem with this is, we seem to be unable to control the timer. I’m thinking it must be busted. If not, then this was one of the dumbest development ideas I’ve encountered.

I can understand it wanting to shut down and turn on to coincide with the room temperature or to keep the system from overheating/over-cooling. What I don’t understand is constant beeping at midnight with no way to turn it off. There I was on the floor near 1 a.m. last night with the instruction book in front of me and my cat thinking it was playtime. After several minutes of fiddling with buttons, still unable to get the beeping to stop, I turned it off and returned to our old standby — the box fan in the window. Luckily, the temperature already took a dip by that point.

The biggest problem I have with all of this is the idea that this may actually have been designed to function like this. I’m hoping it’s just busted so we can take it back get another one and move on. If this was the manufacturer’s intention, then we have a problem. At DDA, everything we do, from video production, animations, and virtual medical simulations to website design and development, search engine marketing, and graphic design, is well planned and well executed.

Each of the technical and creative departments involved in an individual project work closely with the client throughout planning and development to create an end product that is exactly what the client wants and that makes DDA proud. Whether it’s interactive or traditional advertising, corporate or medical marketing, or if Flash conversion or iPad or iPhone friendly development is needed, we would never turn over anything without first ensuring that it meets our high standards of excellence and quality.

So if you’re looking for innovative marketing and advertising, for a company that delivers high-quality work, without any annoying glitches, turn to DDA. We will never start beeping for no apparent reason. I promise.